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GREEN LEVEL: Initiation activity. Previous experience is not required neither a special physical conditions (No physical problem and practice sport regularly). In water activities it is necessary to know swimming (basic level). It is a relaxed activity and not so hard. It is prepared for everyone´s enjoyment.

BLUE LEVEL: Advance activity. A previous experience in the activity is required, also to be in a good shape. The activity would last the whole day making breaks for the lunch and resting.

RED LEVEL: High level activity. A previous experience in the activity is required, also to be in a good shape or train for this specific sport. The swimming level here must be higher than a basic level. It is a hard activity in which equipment have to be transported and sometimes we will sleep in camp sites or in bivouac.

Rafting Iniciación Rafting initiation level Kayak Perfeccionamiento Kayak advance activity Barranco de alto nivel Canyoning high level
Trekking Iniciación Hiking initiation level Canoa perfeccionamiento Canoe advance activity Canoraft alto nivel Canoraft high level
Kayak de mar iniciacion Sea kayaking initiation level Hidrospeed perfeccionamiento Hydro speed advance activity Bicicleta alto nivel Biking high level



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