Data: APRIL - AUGUST  |  Price: €500

An amazing kayak trip in the valleys of the Pyrenees. We have vast experience taking both foreign and local groups on trips in this area. Spring brings on the snow melt making it a great time to try out new rivers with higher water levels and paddle routes that just aren't open in the summer focussing on enjoying the trip and learning about river reading, safety and rescue and paddling skills.


You'll be escorted by highly experienced guides and a support vehicle with a trailer, to provide the necessary logistics and support. Over 5 days, we'll travel through the Pyrenees in search of its most emblematic rivers: The River Gállego, in the Kingdom of the Mallos, the River Ara, gateway to Ordesa National Park, and the River Esera, in the Benasque Valley


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April - August


Grade III to V paddlers

ACTIVITIES/LEVELS Kayak perfeccionamientoKayak alto nivel



  • DAY 1
    • Meeting point in Murillo de Gallego. We outline the itinerary and you meet your guides. We'll warm up paddling the grade III-IV section from the dam to the beach in Murillo de Gállego.
    • We work with local paddlers who will come down with us and provide safety advice.
  • DAY 2
    • Shuttle to the River Esera for an initial descent of its classic grade III - IV section, around 13 km between the towns of Campo and Santa Liestra, where we will come across one of its best known passes, "The Pyramids". We aim to do a non stop paddle so that everyone can go through the rapids by sight at the first attempt, putting all their kayak safety knowledge into practice.
    • In the afternoon, we're back on the water paddling the Congosto del Ventanillo (grade IV), one of the most spectacular gorges in the Pyrenees. Shuttle to Ordesa. We'll have dinner in Ainsa, and then go on to Broto where we will spend the next two days.
  • DAY 3
    • Full day paddling between the towns of Torla and Fiscal. The initial section will take us from Broto to Fiscal (grade III-IV).
    • After lunch, a second grade IV-IV+ section from Torla to Broto starts with the Torla canyon. The magnificent setting makes this a beautiful run in a spot that is hard to reach on foot.
  • DAY 4
    • We will paddle the classic run from Puente de los Navarros to Torla, featuring 3 classic grade IV-V rapids: the Catwalk, the Syringe and the Chicane.
    • After lunch, we'll tackle a second section, Torla - Roto, grade IV-IV+. As always, a cataraft will carry supplies and provide safety.
  • DAY 5
    • All good things must come to an end... We'll pick another river in the area to finish off, depending on the group and the water levels.
    • After the run, we'll have lunch and return to our starting point in Murillo de Gállego where we will say our farewells until next time.


Sections may change depending on the group and the water levels. We aim for all paddlers to go down two sections a day.

Prices include transport, equipment and the guide. Food and board for the kayakers is not included. A full-board programme costs €500.

We can pick you up at Bilbao or Zaragoza airport. Please ask about conditions.


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