Hi everyone! I´m Txus Ruiz de Erentxun, White water´s and mountain guide.

I have been working as a guide for more than 20 years. I began in Murillo de Gallego, creating there UR, a renowned company of adventures activities. Since then, I travelled, because of my adventurous spirit, around the world exploring different rivers and mountains. Finally we created Ur Nomade an adventure travel and expeditions agency. We also work training people and rescuing in white waters.


I have always though you should enjoy your work and if not, that it is better to continue looking for your prefect job. During my trip to Nepal in the 90´s I worked with exceptional rafting and trekking companies and thanks to them I learnt all about my job; the implication, the responsibility, the effort, the satisfaction offered etc. and I decided that this was what I really wanted to do.

I love adventures trips, maybe, due to my passion for books and films in which I knew about fantastic expeditions. I always remember Leo Dickinson´s decent of the river Duth Kosi in 1976. Later on I will have the opportunity to carry out that expedition for the program “Al filo de lo impossible” with Antxon Arza. I fulfilled a wish and I want to help you to reach yours.

Although our main characteristics are adventures sports, we do not have to forget that an expedition is more than that, it is also about knowing other cultures, meeting native people and knowing different lifestyles. Join us and go hiking to the Atlas Mountains from Morocco, descent the Karnali River in west-Nepal or go canoeing to the Patagonia´s wonderful rivers. We still have more, let´s go to the Alpine and Pyrenees Mountain ranges where we will enjoy rafting, kayaking, climbing or canyoning, always with our exceptional guides.


  • From the beginning (1990), our main objective has been to offer a quality service in the active tourism and adventure sports area. .

    Nowadays Ur is known for its customers´ attention quality and reliability..

  • Some general data
    • There are more than 50 people working; management staff, customer service, guides, instructors etc.
    • More than 15,000 customers very season in all our establishments.
    • We are active in the social media such as Facebook, Youtube etc. Our web page has more than 300,000 visitors per year.
    • Every month a newsletteris sent to more than 6,000 subscribers full of news: new events, new specialized curses etc.
    • We also participate in different associations related to adventure turism and nature (Aneta, Aktiba, TDA etc.)
    • We also train people for the Active Tourism; white waters, canyoning, mountain, rescue etc.
    • We collaborate with different touristic, training and sport association, in the national and international environment.

Our team

  • I share this adventure with a group of friends and professionals, with a lot of experience, in the sector, people who turned their hobby into their job, in which their share their ideas of trips and expeditions.

  • The guides
    • Txus Ruiz de Erentxun.
    • Ramon Etxaniz.
    • Frantxis Jorajuria
    • Miguel Naval.
    • David Alenmani.
    • Jose Mari Miro.
    • Arkaitz Erkiaga
    • Victor Ruiz de Erentxun
    • Carlos Molino
  • We love what we do; we know about the environment, about the native people and their traditions etc. the security is our priority and to assure that everything will go perfectly.

Photo Gallery

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