Sustainable tourism

It is known that tourism can have negative impact in remote an d mountain communities, during the trips and expeditions we try to minimized this impact respecting local culture and environment.

To balance out the impact we are involved with the places and inhabitants in which we work. Whenever we have the chance, we use local services and work with local staff such as, guides, accommodation, mains of transport etc. Due to this action we try to leave part of the trip money in the local areas.

We, as guides, are committed to share this philosophy with the participants.


  • Lifestyle in mountains and rivers

    These trips do not include big hotel, high class restaurants etc. that is why we have to be prepare for little disadvantages and lack of comfort that this lifestyle provides. These situations should be taken with calm, accepting the unexpected events of the adventure.

    You have to take into account that the activities are strongly connected with environmental conditions and that changes can happen before or throughout the activity.

  • A common day
    • Morning: we wake up early and after having a good breakfast we will prepare and start the activity.
    • Midday: It´s time to rest. We will find a comfortable to have a snack: a sandwich, a piece of fruit, dried fruits, chocolate etc. we will rest for a while and we will continue with the activity.
    • Evening: we will usually finish early the activities to enjoy the twilight, have a bath, go kayaking or go for a walk.
    • Night: After a hard day it is time to have dinner next to the fire. It is a special moment in which we share anecdotes ad stories of the day. Finally it is time to go to bed or sleep under the stars.

Accommodation and food

  • Accommodation

    Almost all the trips are planned with a campsite as a reference but we also overnight in hostels, little hotels, people´s houses etc. The bivouac is usually the best alternative during the route. For example: in Morocco our campsite is located in Ahanesal; a Bereber nomade campsite which offers a comfortable stay.

  • Food

    The meals will be organized depending on the day timetable. We will also divide the cooking duties for preparing the meals. Apart from this, we will also eat in local restaurants, hostels or people´s houses. In these cases we would have to adapt to the food provided.

    The guides can help you to choose tasty menus in order to enjoy the local food.


  • During the trips the transport becomes an important element. We know very well the areas and we are also helped by assistants who help us managing the journeys efficiently.

  • We will use different main of transports: 4X4, donkeys etc. always the best option for each area.

  • Transport is better explained in every trip program.

Difficulty levels/a>

  • To enjoy the program it is essential to have the suitable level.

  • In most of our programs is not compulsory to have a previous experience but it is strongly recommended to be in a good shape (for water programs it is compulsory to know swimming). You will improve during the activities helped by guides and other participants.

  • Occasionally a specific technique level is required. You can have a look at the technique card of every program. If you have any doubts you can contact us.


  • Security is our main priority.

    We know that these kinds of activities involve certain risk, that is why we provide facilities and security measures to minimize that:

  • Security in the design and enforcement of the activity.
    • Updated information about the places we are visiting.
    • We analyze the characteristics and conditions of the environment and also the season of the activity to supports the security.
    • Emergency and evacuation plans for every program.
  • Security during the activities (Security plans)
    • The security plan have been created and tested by our guides.
    • To get as much benefit and enjoyment as possible it is strongly recommended to follow guides instruction and advice.
    • The guides are coordinators of the security so they will plan the take program and take appropriate decisions.
  • Security through the equipment.
    • We will provide suitable equipment for each activity as well as rescue and security equipment.
    • Suitable communication equipment (satellite phone included).
  • Information
    • Security instructions will be given before the activities to all the participants.
  • Medical and accident insurance
    • Suitable insurance for activities (look up for the conditions and coverage).

Take into account

    • Participants should be aware that in remote areas with difficult access to facilities and evacuation, attendance can be complicated.

    • Participants must be respectful among them and with the local culture, traditions etc.

    • It is also important to respect timetables, rules and organizers advice.

    • The understanding and respect of these pieces of advice is crucial to participate in the programs.

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