In the following section we will try to answer some of the questions that participants can have.

If you have any doubts or you want more information please contact us(+info)

Which program is appropriate to me?

    • If you look for adventure and having a good time most of our activities are suitable for you. If you have any doubts please contact us and if you want, we will put you in contact with the activity guide. He/she will explain the activity in detail.

Do I have to be in a good shape?

    • Each program has its characteristics. Each program indicates the knowledge and the level that is required. In most of the activities there are not specific requirements but it is convenient to be in a good shape.

What happens if I do not have any experience in camping?

    • Do not worry about that. We will make the effort to provide a pleasant stay. For this we will provide some comforts which will supply a relaxing moment after the activities. Group collaboration will also help you adapting to this new experience.

Is it dangerous?

    • There is always certain risk in these kinds of activities. However, our guides experience, the good organization and the equipment make this risk decrease, making the activity enjoyable.

Is it necessary to know swimming?

    • For the white waters activities you must be able to manage yourself in the water. However, you will always be wearing a life jacket and the guides will work for your security.

What are we going to eat?

    • We will have a varied and balanced diet. For breakfast we will have: fruit, cereals, milk and coffee. For lunch: sandwiches or fresh salad and for dinner: some snacks, the main dish and the dessert. Whenever we go to a local restaurant the guides will help us choosing tasty menus. There is not any problem if you are vegetarian, the diet is always very varied.

What do I have to put in my package?

    • Your package should be appropriate for the trip, taking into account the place we are going and the season. Do not worry about the technical equipment, we will be in charge of it and before the trip we will send you a list with the “must take”.

What if I get sick?

    • We always bring a first-aid-kit and the guides know how to use it. We also have a satellite telephone and we have a determine security and evacuation plan for each program. If you have any special needs (medicines, allergy, food etc.) please tell us before the trip, because during the trip we will be in remote areas where these kinds of products are not available.

Which is the minimum/maximum age?

    • The programs are made for every age. The common ages are between 25 and 50. The minimum age is usually 16 (parental authorization) and there is not a maximum age. Families usually travel with us to the Pyrenees, Alps and Morocco.

Who participates in the trips?

    • Adventurous people who like nature. People travel individually, in pairs or with friends. Mountain and river trips are sociable trips in which you have the opportunity to make friends. The groups are small (15 people maximum) to guarantee security and proper communication and service.

How many activity hours per day?

    • In general we will have between 5 and 7 hours of activity per day. After getting up early and having a good breakfast we will have a 3-4 hour activity. Then we will have a break to have lunch to rest or visit something. After this break we will continue with another 2-3 hours activity. At the end of the day we will have time to rest, have a drink, read or visit places.

Where are my belongings kept while we are in the river?

    • Each participant will have a bag or a watertight bag. During the river trip the bags are kept in the raft and during the mountain walks a porter or the mules will carry the bags. We will also take small bags for the day things.

Can I bring my camera at the river and mountain?

    • Yes, you can. You can bring your camera to the river and mountain; we have watertight bags for the river. Anyway, we will also bring a camera to take pictures and videos. That way we will have a special souvenir at the end of the day.

Where do we stay at the beginning/end of the trip?

    • We always choose a comfortable and well situated accommodation. In morocco we choose a campsite near the Medina with swimming pool and bungalows. In Katmandú we choose an hotel in Thamel in the city Centre. You can look for more details in each program.

Can I arrive before or stay longer?

    • Yes, if you have more days you can visit more places, do other activities etc. we will help you to take advantage of the place.

Can we make a trip in different dates?

    • Of course. You should suggest us your trip project and we will make a specific program for you. This is a good option for groups; friends, firms, clubs etc. which want to do something different. You can search for more information in the “personalized” section.

Will we have time to buy souvenirs?

    • Yes you will. In Morocco and Nepal we will see their zocos and shops where you will find interesting gifts with good prices. You will have to negotiate the price, do not worry, we will give you some tips and if you want we will go with you.

And the climate ?

    • We travel during the best season for each environment. We want to provide you a good experience with nice climate conditions. But as you know, this is something we cannot control that is why we have to be ready for changes.

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